Plum pie with striped stones

Spoonflower organized a “Stone Fruit Design Challenge” (design competition on the theme of stone fruits) in partnership with pastry chef Lauren Ko, creator of Lokokitchen. It was then up to her to choose the winning design, from which she in turn had to create a special edition tart. And I’ll let you guess… yes! she choose my design among 918 other proposals! So here is my pattern and Lauren’s sweet interpretation of the design side by side.

Plums and stripes for a pop and tangy design

(because plum pie is one of my favorite desserts)

I ordered some beautiful placemats myself and I am delighted! As they exist in two matching colors, I mixed the two versions for a colorful table as desired. The sets are available in 3 fabrics to choose from: linen/cotton, cotton and satin.

Colors and geometry

In her book Piometry, Lauren Ko renews the art of the tart or pie by drawing inspiration from abstract art. She reveals her manufacturing secrets, and offers flavor combinations that are as creative as they are visually innovative.

Follow her on Instagram: @lokokitchen

Official website:

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